And the Catholic Faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity


Your impending marriage is no doubt for you and for your families a cause of great joy. You need to keep in mind the fact that as important as all the details of the ceremony are, they are but part of your spiritual journey together, which began when you were baptised. “Scripture teaches that marriage is a lifelong partnership uniting a woman and a man in heart, mind and body. In the joy of their union, husband and wife enrich and respond to each other, growing in tenderness and understanding.” (A Prayer Book for Australia”)

With all that in mind it is hoped that throughout all that takes place in the time leading up to the “Great Day”, that you will be conscious of the fact that all men and women, especially in this instance the two of you, live and move and have our being within the love and care of God our Father.

Preliminary legal & other requirements

The regulations regarding the conduct of Marriage ceremonies are set out under the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is the Parish priest’s responsibility to ensure that all the documentation needed for such occasions is correctly handled, and he will explain these matters to you. To begin with though when you first meet together you will need to bring with you an official copy of your Birth Certificate. If you do not have one then a copy can be gotten from the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

The Ceremony

The order of ceremony that will be used is one that has been authorised by The Anglican Church of Australia. It is one that both expresses the Church’s understanding of the nature of Marriage, and also fulfills the requirements of Commonwealth law. For those reasons the wording of the vows and prayers will not be changed.

The Music

Music for weddings at St Peter’s is provided by our Parish Organist. Various pieces of music are suitable for a wedding, and he is willing to help you choose something appropriate. This is especially important as the service is a religious ceremony, not a civil one. Should you wish to sing a hymn, or have a soloist perform during the ceremony, that too may be arranged, but only after speaking to the priest. Only the parish’s organist is permitted to play St Peter’s organ.

Photographic Memories and Videos

Memories of the day are important. If you hire a professional photographer he/she must speak to the parish priest before the ceremony begins to ascertain what limits are set for photographing in the church. Generally flash photographs are discouraged because of the distraction that this causes. Video taping the ceremony is permitted, subject to copyright constraints. Professionals will be aware of this requirement, but amateur operators must apply for a single event licence from AMCOS (Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society), which may be contacted on 02 99357900.

The Setting

St Peter’s is a lovely setting for your wedding, and you are encouraged to get to know the place. It is hoped that you will be able to attend Mass here sometimes both before and after you are married and that this may become a spiritual home for you. You may decorate the pews if you wish, but such decorations may not include pagan/zodiac symbols. Should you wish to have flowers in the Church, this may be arranged. Just raise the matter with the Priest.

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