And the Catholic Faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity


The funeral of someone, whether they be spouse, family member, friend or colleague is a time to remember all the good things about that person and give thanks for those things, and also a time to renew our hope for the future as we consider our own mortality. It is a time to pray for the person who has gone from us and pray indeed for ourselves as we consider this great and final mystery of our mortal life.

A funeral should thus be a time both of recollection and awareness of the presence of God. It is a time to gather with others who mourn as we farewell a valued human being and child of God. A funeral is a Christian ceremony, yet open to all.

There are many details to be considered as a funeral is prepared and so It is important that the Parish Priest be contacted as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

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