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Women’s Craft Fellowship

The Craft Fellowship has been active for about 10 years, and meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am, generally in the Parish Hall sometimes in the Church.  The main crafts practised are crochet, knitting and embroidery, mostly in the creation of rugs and blankets given to The Samaritans for people in need. Beanies for the Mission To Seafarers are also produced.

Newcomers are very welcome, whether craft-y or not: the other main purpose of the group is fellowship, with lots of tea, chat, laughter and chocolate biscuits on offer. Anyone wanting to learn how to crochet, knit or cross-stitch will be taught in a flash, but you don't have to do anything except come, if you wish. It's loads of fun!

Contact Susan Jones on  02 4961 4557 for more details.


Saint Peters

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St Peter's Anglican Church
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